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Multi-Instrumentalist, Jazz Composer, Performer, and Music Instructor.

If you are looking for someone that has a unique approach in music, you have come to the right page. Andrew is an artist whose music has limitless potential. Explore his website, and see how Andrew has blended Jazz music into his own style.

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Individual Expression

Andrew DeNicola is a multi-instrumentalist, and forward-thinking composer, who has made it his mission in life to bring people together through his love of music. Andrew's musical journey began in 4th grade when he started playing the alto saxophone. Through his studies, Andrew gained more interest in learning how to play all sorts of music, especially jazz. By high school, Andrew was actively playing all around CT. This included playing with local bands, jazz programs, private instruction, and a magnet arts school.

This all led up to Andrew receiving a performance/composition scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, Andrew studied with veteran jazz musicians such as Billy Pierce, George Garzone, Greg Hopkins, Ayn Inserto, and many more. After graduating from Berklee with a degree in Jazz Composition, Andrew relocated back to CT to teach at a music program serving underprivileged kids called Project Music.

During this period, Andrew felt through work he wanted to make a statement with his music. This led Andrew to release his first record as a leader entitled The Life of an Aquarius. This record featured fourteen musicians on five original compositions. Andrew, at the same time, was transitioning to live in NYC.

When he got to the city, he actively sought out all sorts of opportunities to play, whether at jam sessions, sideman gigs, or booking shows to play his original music. After living in NYC for a year, Andrew decided he wanted to expand his resume and took a job working as a cruise musician for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. However, after only a short time working with the orchestra on board, The experience was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This forced Andrew to come home, and after a trying experience and being isolated for a month, he wrote all new music that drew upon all his influences and feelings for life. This body of work resulted in his second album called 1 + 9. Currently, Andrew is attending Queens College to complete his master's degree in jazz studies. Through performing, composing, and teaching, Andrew uses these mediums as a vehicle for his self-expression to help others heal through music.

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